Curbside Pickup!

Curbside Pickup


Your library is here for you! Germantown Public Library is committed to providing patrons safe access to library materials during this time through a curbside pick-up service.  The library will offer curbside pickup service Monday thru Saturday, during open hours.

Step One: Place your items on hold.

  • Use our website catalog or our mobile app to search for items currently available at the library and place a hold on the item or items you want.   
  • You will be notified via email or phone when your hold is ready. 

Step Two: Come to the library.

  • After you receive notification, come to the library at one of the designated times and park in the parking lot or pull up by the front doors. Call the library when you arrive and let us know you are ready to pick up your items. Please stay in your vehicle.
  • For faster service onsite, call ahead with an estimated time of arrival so staff can have your items ready.


Step three: Pick up your items.

  •  Staff will check your items out and bring them to you. Wait times for items may vary. Please be patient with us!  
  • Staff can either hand your items to you through your car window or feel free to open your door or trunk and we can place items vehicle in a no contact manner.
  • Enjoy your library materials!



Frequently asked questions...

How will I know my hold items are ready for pickup?

You will receive an email or phone notification, based on the preference selected in your account.

How do I return materials?

Please return all Germantown Public Library or in the Farmersville book drop in front of the Farmersville Municipal building. 

Do I need a library card?

Yes, patrons must hold a library card registered with the Germantown Public Library to use curbside pickup. If you do not have a library card, you can apply for one in the building or online. Patrons who are receiving a card in this manner will be required to sign the application and verify identity by showing us valid ID like a drivers license or utility bill with current address upon initial pickup. If you are unable to apply for a card online or have additional questions, call us at 937-855-4001.

What materials are available for pickup? 

All physical materials currently on the shelf and available at the library, including books, DVD’s etc.

Can library staff look for specific items or provide reading suggestions?

Yes! Contact the library and ask us for material suggestions.

What if I do not have access to the internet to place a hold?

Please call us here at the library and speak with a staff member or leave a message at 937-855-4001 and we can request the items you want.

What if I have fines or I’m over the checkout limit?

Please contact the library if you have questions about past fines or have concerns about checkout limits. Patrons are no longer fined for overdue items. Digital items are always available for checkout, even if you have accrued fines in the past.

Can I still get items from other libraries through Interlibrary Loan?

Yes! If the Germantown Public Library does not own a specific item you are looking for, we can make a request from another library system. Patrons can also request and item by filling out a form online.