Teacher Collections



Looking to put together a Teacher Collection with the Library? Is there a special item you would like to present to your student(s)?  Whether you are a public school teacher, private school teacher, or a homeschooling mom, putting together a collection is easy.

Email Miss Kelsey the following information and she'll call you back when the collection is ready:


Phone number

Age group for material (example: 9-12 years old, preschoolers, or 5th grade)


If you have specific titles and/or authors you are looking for, list them here. Otherwise a smattering of items will be gathered.

Also, feel free to call the Library at any time and talk to Miss Kelsey personally or fill out our convenient form available at the circulation desk.

Note: Please allow two weeks for a given collection to be put together. The earlier the collection is requested, the higher the chances of getting what your classroom needs.  Additionally, if you are requesting a special item, it can take time to locate and obtain that item - please allow at least two weeks for special items.


Thank you for your patronage and patience.