Germantown Public Library Board of Trustees Regular Meeting

AGENDA GERMANTOWN PUBLIC LIBRARY BOARD OF TRUSTEES REGULAR MEETING 51 N. Plum St. Germantown, OH 45327 August 8, 2022 - 7:00 PM A. Roll Call B. Recognition of Visitors C. Approval of Minutes 1. Regular – July 11, 2022 (motion required) D. Correspondence and Communications E. Fiscal Officer’s Report 1. July 2022 Financial Reports and Payment of the Bills (motion required) 2. Certifications of the Withholding Submissions in August 3. August Personnel and Payroll Actions (motion required) 4. August 2022 Budget Amendments and Purchase Orders (motion required) 5. Approval of Expedient Technology payment in the amount of $5,336 (motion required) 6. Reimbursement to Director for Security Supplies (motion required) F. Director’s Report 1. Monthly Statistics for July 2022 2. SEO Migration schedule 3. Approval of Upgraded Expedient Technology contract (motion required) 4. Approval of Public Library Fund Formula for 2023 (motion required) G. New Business H. Old Business 1. Nomination for Board of Trustee Vacancy Place Four expiring December 31, 2023 (motion required)


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